We enhance your events.

This passion for the magic of events allowed us to create Pimp My Wall, a collection of innovative technologies engineered for interactive experiences.

Social-wall and its dedicated webapp

Give your visitors the opportunity to express their opinion through our dynamic social-wall.

Our software is able to download content from all 3 main social networks and a dedicated webapp that allows participants to contribute without going through social networks.

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Giant touch screens

We developed a unique technology that allows us to create large touch surfaces with unprecedented precision.

By simply touching the screen, you can draw in a very intuitive way. You can also connect two screens together to build synchronized drawing portals!

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Massive cooperative live painting

Live-painting with Pimp My Wall gives your spectators the ability to express themselves through massive cooperative paintings.

Our system allows a virtually unlimited number of participants to draw simultaneously on a very large virtual canvas through their smartphones.

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Virtual scrapbook for weddings

Let your guests make a doodle on your wedding photos and display them on a screen or projector, giving this special day a personal and high-tech touch!

Our system is designed to instantaneously fetch photos from your photographer and add an artistic touch to it using a tablet.

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We create out-of-the-box solutions adapted to your needs.


We dig in and develop original ideas that correspond to your needs through a brainstorming session.


We take care of the engineering, production and installation of your platform and ensure your event unfolds perfectly.


We master interactive projection-mapping and digital signage installations as well as their integration with social networks.

A revolutionnary technology at a competitive price

The technology behind Pimp My Wall is unique: it allows synchronizing and controlling an unlimited amount of screens.

Our software is the core of all the Pimp My Wall projects. Cloud-based, it allows you to connect any type of screen or video projector to our player. Its compositing system allows you to create screen mosaics at a scale that’s never been seen before.

Pimp My Wall’s ease of deployment is where it gets its strength. The player can be connected through a wired network, Wi-Fi or even 3G/4G. Everything has been optimized so that the resources used are minimal, and mapping even allows projecting on angled surfaces.

Whether your screens are near each other or at opposite sides of the world, Pimp My Wall synchronizes them down to a few thousandths of a second.

This allows you to create giant spectacles on the facade of a building, but also gives users from all around the world the possibility to draw on a virtual canvas thousands of kilometers away.

Do you have an idea for your event?

With you, we elaborate a project from A to Z, from 3D views to its installation.

Thanks to our experience in the field, we’ll help you choose the right display solution to use to turn your idea into a reality. In order for you to imagine how your project will look once finished, we’ll also create custom 3D renders and photo montages using all our know-how.

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